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Travel Experience was founded by Hans Berglund in 1996 and acts as a GSA (General Sales Agent ) or RSO (Regional Sales Office) for hotels, incoming agents, destinations, airlines and DMC’s to increase their sales and marketing presence in the Nordic region.

Travel Experience also works with Scandinavian companies in the travel trade who wish to establish contacts nationally or internationally.

We have a broad network of contacts within the travel trade and we are always working towards finding the most  favorable and efficient solution for our clients.

Our main focus is on sales and we carry out sales visits to our clients using Scandinavia’s best travel trade database. We also attend travel trade fairs, organize road shows, workshops, hosted buyers programs and educational tours.

Other services we provide are:

- Travel production

- Sales training programs

-Travel trade seminars

The travel trade is constantly developing and you have to adapt or you will be distanced quickly by your competitors.

Travel Experience will help your company to find new and innovating ways to develop in the greatest and most rewarding branch in the world.  

Travel Experience, Stensötegången 94, 135 35 Tyresö Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: + 46 8 644 50 02. E-mail: