Travel Experience started in 1996 by Hans Berglund whom since then working as; GSA (General Sales Agent) or RSA (Regional Sales Office. Hans and his company.

Hans and his company Travel Experience has a broad experience in the travel and tourist industry has made customers from all over the world to chose Travel Experience as their representation in the Nordics. Hotel, hotel chains, incoming agents, destinations, airlines and traditional DMC has chosen Travel Experience as partner to grow their business.

Hans Berglund

Same services are also available and used by national Nordic tourism industry that wants to be an established as an exciting and adventurous discovery in the Northern part of Europe.

The wide network available at our hands make it possible to secure the most cost efficient solution for customers.

Travel Experience offers a variation of solution such as customer visits and databases, trade fairs, roadshows, events boosted buyer programs, study tours and more.

Leverage more than 35 years of experience,
true and real Travel Experience.

Hans Berglund, Founder & Owner, Travel Experience